Trial Run

The girls have gone camping with their Nana and Papa so that makes Caleb an only child for 4 days. He is over the moon as this means that mom watches wrestling with him (it doesn’t happen at any other time during the year. I can handle only so much wrestling.)

Anyway, I had the brilliant idea to do a bit of school to get Caleb ready for the first full week (which will be the first week of Sept.) I have been a bit concerned about Caleb’s school year. There will be a step up in the amount of work that will be expected of him this year. He will be doing Algebra, Henle latin and Apologia Physical Science, all 3 require more brain power as well as discipline as he tiptoes into the world of textbooks, making notes and just plain thinking harder.

I carefully braced the subject of doing school for a few days and waited for the resounding “No.” I waited but it didn’t come, instead I received a shaky “Sure.” I didn’t give him any time to change his mind. I quickly dragged out the math book and we lunged (okay, I lunged, he sauntered) into the first lesson. Surprisingly, there was less summer brain-drain than I had expected. Caleb had remembered more than I had anticipated. Yay!

I, then, let him decide what subject to do next. He chose science. We don’t do formal science before Grade 8, just nature study, so I wasn’t sure how a textbook science program was going to fly. We prepared his binder and then Caleb started off on his science journey. He read a few pages then carried out his first experiment. And Hallelujah! the experiment actually worked. We do not have a positive history when it comes successful experiments so this was a great way to start the year.

We were both encouraged by our day. We decided to do it again with today. This time Caleb decided to read more science and then tread into the waters of latin. Again, we prepared his binder, set up the various sections needed to maneuver the lesson plans. It wasn’t hard but it sure was long.

Once again we had a great time.

We were both encouraged and are hopeful for the oncoming year. Nine days away.

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