Weekend Links

This has been a discouraging week as far as farming goes. It continues to rain here on the Prairies and that is not good, people, not good at all. Rain is good when the crop is first in but when it continues to rain on throughout the summer the crop does not have a chance to ripen. That is our problem here. It is close to the end of August and our fall rye is still not yet ready to harvest. Last year, we had the rye off by the beginning of August. As I type this I can hear the rain pouring outside. sigh Not good.

It is Emma and Tessa’s turn to go camping this week with their Nana and Papa. All of us had a fun time down at the creek this week. It was such fun to hear all three of them squealing and laughing as they played with in the water. We were also able to watch “The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The kids enjoyed it but I am afraid I am not a superhero kind of girl. I do not understand these kinds of movies. I get lost in the first 20 minutes but I dutifully sit there and pretend that I know what is going on. This movie was no different.

Here are some of interesting things that I have found in my cyber travels this past week.

Choosing joy.

A recipe for various forms of wacky cake–not healthy but fun to make.

An interesting take on the trivium.

A response to Richard Dawkins comment that parents should abort their Downs Syndrome babies.

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