Growing Up

For the past little while, I have seen a change in the dynamics of my children’s relationships with each other. My kids have always played really well together (okay, there has always been some sibling squabbles but isn’t that par for the course?) When they were younger, they would go off on their own and put on plays (their term for make-believe play) for hours and hours. Each one was given a turn to think up a play and the other two would be obligated to participate in that play. That is how they have played for years and years.

Until now.

Actually the paradigm shift started occurring a few years ago but it has completed its change this year. Emma has had the audacity of growing up. She has other interests other than putting plays with her brother and sister. She would rather listen to music, read books, text her friends, watch LOST with her mom. Playing make-believe just isn’t in her cards anymore. Much to the chagrin of her siblings.

Tessa and Caleb do not understand why Emma won’t play with them anymore. I actually see a grieving of sorts taking place. They do not like the fact that she is growing older. They want her to continue to put on Shakespeare plays, Harry Potter adventures or just silly plays that they concoct themselves. They want things to be the way that they used to be. My two youngers do not like change. At least, not this change.

Last week, we all went down to the creek so the two youngers could swim. Lately, Emma has just stayed with me on the shore reading her book, disappointment abounds with this. But this day she went in the water with them. The air was full of their squeals of delight and laughter as they played their made-up water games. Later that night, at supper, when asked to relay the best part of their day, all three of them listed off swimming at the creek.

We have been talking about this change and how it is affecting all of us. We are trying to come up with ideas that will replace the plays. We haven’t been successful as of yet due to Tessa’s age. When she becomes a little older then there will be more activities that they can do together.

We just have to wait this through. There really isn’t anything we can do about it but just walk through it with grace and patience. Ah! The hard part.

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