First Week

As first weeks go, it went alright. How is that for a benign statement? It started off better than good then it dived down into not so good. I need to re-think some things and immerse myself in His Word regarding some other things. This is common for me in the first few weeks

Let me tell you about the good things:

Morning Time. These two hours every day help root my day. Starting MT was like meeting up with an old friend. I love this time that we have all together reading His Word, poetry reading, Shakespeare, read alouds. It is all good.

Virtue trees–we are doing a 2 week unit on virtues and vices. My plan was to take a week on virtues and a week on vices but now that reality has unfurled itself at my feet, I am thinking that we may just stay with virtues for next week as well. We started our time with looking at a virtue tree, defining the virtues, and looking at how the different virtues connect with others. We looked up scripture verses that dealt with the seven main virtues then we art journaled one of those verses. We have never art journaled before but I think we will be doing this on a regular basis. I was surprised at how Caleb fell into this with ease and peace. He didn’t balk about it as I thought he might. I was surprised at his end result. We also drew our own virtue trees. I am hoping to write on each virtue leaf an example of that virtue found in history, literature, current events or scripture. This was a fun time for us.

Lord of the Rings–I am not a big fan of Tolkien nor of Frodo but it seems a rite of homeschool passage to read these books. We started off with the second book in the trilogy (we read the first book last year.) I can plainly see that I bit off way too much for my literary mouth when I scheduled this book for three weeks. I do believe it will take us longer.

The not-so-good:

In looking back on this week, I can see that the not-so-good is a result of the rite of passage of moving into teenhood. I went through these same difficulties when Emma was in Gr. 8 as I am experiencing now with Caleb. These difficulties abound from the increase in workload which comes from moving into Gr. 8. The days have been very long this week. They don’t need to be but there needs to be some learning as to how to be a better steward with one’s time. I can see that I need to walk him through some subjects and I just don’t know when I am going to do that. So I need to re-think our time and how I can help him better.

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