Blog First

I don’t even know how to start this post. I have many thoughts that are flying around in my brain and want to put them all down but I don’t know in what order or with what words so I will just type it out in the order they come to me and with the words that seep out as I type.

A few days ago I read Melissa Wiley’s ‘Blogging Freehand’ post and it led me to much thinking. In the post she ruminates about how her blogging has changed. She used to blog about little things that happened in her day or the thought of the day. She blogged mostly every day. Now, though, there are other online activities that stand in the way of blogging this way. She wants to get back to that routine; of blogging every day on the inconsequential or consequential things of life.

My blogging has changed as well. I started blogging 7 years ago. It was begun with the purpose of informing our far-placed relatives what we were doing here on the prairie. As time went on, though, it became apparent that not many relatives really cared what was going on on the prairies so I started putting a homeschool slant on my blogging. I blogged on a regular schedule–about 4 times a week. I loved blogging. I knew mine was not a well-read blog but I loved having a place where I could air out my tangled thoughts.

In the last few years, blogging, on a whole, has changed as well. Blogging has become a business, especially homeschool blogs. In order to have a well-read blog you need to have sponsors, give-aways, podcasts, pictures, linked posts, a purpose. Blogs now are all sleek and shiny. No one cares about the inner workings of a homeschool mama’s brain and thinking processes.

Well, I don’t do the sleek and shiny very well. I am a word girl, I don’t do pictures. I still don’t know how to post pictures on this thing. Pathetic, isn’t it? But I don’t really care about the pictures. I care about the ideas, the thoughts. That is what I want to read about, blog about. I haven’t done that much in the past because the sleek and shiny blogs have turned me aside. I guess, in short, I have blog envy. I don’t have the pretty pictures, the fancy 5 dollar words, the airy metaphors that take the breath away. I just have me and my thoughts, my plain, boring words.

In reading Melissa’s post, though, I am yearning for those early days back. The days of just blogging on the first thing that comes to mind. Not waiting for a post of purpose, of intent, rather, blogging just because. Just because I can.

I have heard it said many times that if you want to do something you need to do it everyday to shore up the muscles of that particular art. I don’t think I can do everyday but I would like to try, again, to blog more often, on various topics. Heck, maybe there won’t even be a topic some days. And that will be okay because I will be blogging. I will be doing what I enjoy doing. And I will be doing it for the sake of doing it, for the joy of doing it.

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2 Responses to Blog First

  1. I, for one, like the word-focused, musing, thoughtful blogs like yours. 🙂 I usually read in Feedly and don’t click through to comment on most blogs I read, but you are in my Feedly and have survived several parings down.

    I feel like blogging helps me sort out my head and commits me to what I know I should be doing.

    • Thank you, Mystie. I agree about blogging. It does help me to untangle my thoughts and sort things out in my head. But I always wonder, though, if others like untangling my thoughts with me. 🙂

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