Schedules Go Awry

We are now in our third week of school and it has been a bit challenging as far as scheduling goes. During our first week, Emma was sick for most of the week. The younger two kept on with their plans but Emma didn’t get much done. Last week I was the one who was sick (migraine,) I tried to do a little bit each day but we weren’t going full speed. So I had great intentions for this third week. Monday dawned with hopes that this was going to be a full week. No such luck, sister!

After false starts with nasty weather (rain and cold,) we are in full swing with harvest. Yay! This means, though, that I need to do all the things that accompanies harvest as well as teach my kids. Translation: not much school is getting done this week, either.

Monday morning presented itself with the strong possibility that I would have to go to town for parts. That possibility turned into reality so I charged off into town and was back home by 10:30. We read a chapter of Lord of the Rings but then it was time to make lunch. The two youngers have spent most of their time lately making a fort in a grove of trees. They have been making tire swings, ladders and other forms of tree fort conveniences so their free time is spent in creating. They ate their lunch outside while constructing. They haven’t had much time to play outside due to the rain and cold so I let them stay out a little longer after lunch but then it was brought to my attention that I needed to help move vehicles in the field. So, school didn’t start until 3:00 that afternoon.

Tuesday turned out to be a similar scene. My beloved went to town instead that morning to get more parts (I wish things would break down all at the same time so we could make one parts run a week.) We were able to get Morning Time under our school belt but then I received that dreaded phone call from hubby asking if I still had his bank card. Oops! I was supposed to go to town later that day anyway for Emma’s 4H class so I could take care of that bill then. Unfortunately, though, Emma is sick again this week–same illness that she had two weeks ago. 4H was not going to happen so I decided to go to town right after lunch to pay the bill and take care of some other difficulties. Hence, with the exception of math, school didn’t happen yesterday, either.

I have 3 more days that make up this week maybe we will be able to get one full day out of one of them. Here’s hoping!

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