Yesterday’s Morning Time

Here are all of the things that we covered yesterday during Morning Time.

Bible Reading–working through the book of Exodus

Reciting The Apostle’s Creed

Memory work–Romans 8:31–39
Captain, My Captain by Walt Whitman

Shakespeare–reading As You Like It.

Poetry–learning Personification

Ending our mini-unit on virtue and vice trees (we move on to Beowulf next week, ooh! I am excited!)

Reading–Lord of the Rings by Tolkien

Discussion–the various types of recreation drugs (I do not remember how we ever got on to that subject but it was a lively and interesting discussion in which everyone took part.)

–whether Hilary Clinton would run for President in the next election, this then moved on to other issues of American politics and elections. Sadly, my kids know more about American politics than they do about Canadian politics. This is probably because their mother knows more about American politics than she does about Canadian politics. I am trying to rectify this problem but it is slow going.

–Rob Ford and his resignation from the upcoming mayoral election in Toronto. This is probably what brought on the above topic of recreation drugs–can’t remember.

As you can see there was a myriad of topics covered during this Morning Time. All of which caused Emma to declare that ‘This Morning Time was the best one we have had in a long time.’ I cringe to think what made this MT so good.

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4 Responses to Yesterday’s Morning Time

  1. Love it. We still don’t have discussion in our morning times, but for next year I’m noodling out a morning-time-like thing for only the olders and work in that sort of thing. 🙂

    • Mystie, I have always yearned for discussion in our MT but it wasn’t until this year that we are getting some form of it. It isn’t the kind of discussion that I would like to have but, right now, I will take any kind I can get. 🙂

  2. Sounds really great! Which copy of Beowulf will you be reading? We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Heaney translation!

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