Brain Dumping and ScatterBooking

I have been feeling a bit scattered as of late. Life has been extremely busy with plates spinning all around me. Not only are those plates busy plates but they are also thinking plates. I have been zipping around here and there taking meals to the field and chauffeuring kids to their activities but my brain has been zipping around in many directions as well. So many things to think about: what are we going to have for supper? Emma’s history program still isn’t here–what in the world am I going to do? What did ______ mean when she said that? How can I put wonder back into our days? and it goes on and on until my brain feels it’s going to explode.

This is where brain dumping comes into play. This term has been coined by Mystie Winkler from Simplified Organization. Our brains are meant for thinking not for storing information. It is good to get all of our thoughts out of our head and on to paper. Brain dumping is for everything–for things that need to get done that day, that week, for thoughts about school planning, menu planning, or for thoughts that keep plaguing you about a problem/issue that you are experiencing. Take it all out of your head and write it out so that you can see it and then, eventually, do something about it (I haven’t gotten to that part of the course yet.)

During this past month, I have also come across the term ‘scatterbooking.’ I found this from Julie Bogart of Bravewriter fame. She has started a new forum of sorts to help encourage homeschooling moms. In the beginning of September I was in desperate need of encouragement so I signed up. This forum has given me much to think about; not just about homeschooling but about life and parenting. Julie encourages us to put these thoughts into a journal form which she terms as scatterbooking. It can be in any form that strikes your fancy. It can be art journaling, list making, poetry, word-playing, anything that gets the thoughts out of your head and outside of yourself so that you can see how to make things better.

I see brain dumping as a tool for organization and scatterbooking as a gateway for creativity.

These two forms of journaling have been very difficult for me. I keep everything inside of me. I do not talk about things that are going on in my life with anybody. People around me know what is happening in my life but I don’t talk about it. I don’t elaborate on the finer points of these happenings.

I have been thinking this past month about why it is so hard for me to write or talk about what is going on in my life. Why is it that these thoughts cannot go any further than my brain?

I think it is because of fear. Fear that if I let everything out, the dam will burst and I will not ever be able to stop the tears, the pain. In keeping it all bottled up in my head, I have control. Right now control is important. I know that that isn’t biblical and I am working on that.

So I am taking this brain dumping and scatterbooking at a very small pace. Bits and pieces at a snail’s pace are working well with me right now. I like snails.

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