A Day at Home

Well, it finally happened! We were able to stay home today. Wahoo! That doesn’t happen very often so these days are sacred for all of us.

I have noticed lately that I have become disenchanted with homeschooling. The excitement and enthusiasm just isn’t there any more. For the last few months I have been analyzing as to why exactly teaching my children has become drudgery. I think it is because I am now teaching two teens and a pre-teen. Gone are the days of reading chapter books all day long, doing seasonal crafts, impromptu cooking sessions, watching movies in the middle of the day, mid-day walks. Those things have become part of the past. Why? Because all of that has been replaced with algebra, chemistry, essays complete with well-thought out thesis’, logic, all of the things that come with high school. Also there is now the concern that the textbook/ curriculum does need to be finished at the end of the year or it just doesn’t look all that good on the college transcript.

It seems that the wonder of our days have disappeared now that my kids have gotten older. I miss the wonder, the rabbit trails, the impromptu fun stuff. I miss it a lot. Would I come across as over-dramatic if I said that I feel like I am grieving the demise of the wonder and the impromptu fun stuff?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.

I have decided that, yes, we do need to do the algebra, chemistry and sentence diagramming but we also need little sparks of fun and creativity in the middle of our days. So today in the middle of graphing coordinates, talking about Kennings and epithets (Beowulf,) and writing a re-telling of ‘The Fox and the Stork,’ we went on a nature walk and we planned to make caramel apples (it remained a plan because I was out of evaporated milk–next stay-at-home day.) It was nice to have little shots of fun sprinkled through our day.

Maybe days like this will turn the disenchantment into enchantment again.

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