Let The Sun Shine In

I haven’t talked very much about Tessa’s struggle to read. This is yet another thing that I keep to myself due to the pain that this struggle has visited upon Tessa and I. This has been a difficult path to travel. She is almost 12 years old, what if she never learns to read? What will her life look like with this learning challenge? Will she be able to carry through on all of her dreams–dreams that are dependent on the act of reading?

This challenge has forced both of us to rely solely on the Lord. We are learning to put our trust and faith in Him regarding this matter. We have uttered many a tear-stained prayer as we snuggled tightly together on the couch with a book thrown on the floor in frustration. We are both learning perseverance; perseverance and faith. Those are the words of our struggle.

But through the darkness sunlight shines forth.

Through acquaintances we have found someone who might just be able to help us. She has helped two children that I know read and through that gateway, she has given them the passion to read. That is my prayer for Tessa; to be discover the passion to read. I don’t know if that will ever happen for her but it will continue to be my prayer. I have contacted this woman and we have an assessment this week to see if she will be able to help us.

I cannot put into words the relief that I feel. Up until now it has all fallen on me to learn about Tessa’s difficulties and figure out the best way to teach her but now there is another person in the picture who might be able to shed some light on things or give us other places to look if the need arises. It may not be all on me now. Whew! That sounds so good.

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