Reading Categories–How They are Coming along

I started these reading categories in July. I read about 6 different kinds of books at the same time–about 10 minutes a day. This was to polish off these books that had accumulated in my reading life. Also, I wanted to have a more varied reading life. I didn’t just want to read fiction but I wanted to have a fiction book going at all times. So I picked these categories and slotted the books from my tottering TBR pile into the proper category.

For about a month and a half things were going lickety-split. I slid through all of the books and started new ones in each of these categories…then harvest happened…and school happened…and fall activities happened…and the reading stopped. I only had the energy at the end of the day to read a few pages from my mindless fiction book. I didn’t want to read about Marie Curie or about the periodic table. I just wanted to get lost in some fantasy world for a few minutes a day.

So the reading categories came to an end.

But now harvest is over and life, well, it hasn’t slowed down any but it has changed. And I have started back up with the reading categories…well, sort of. I am not reading books in as many categories but there are categories. I am still enjoying reading a smattering in each book on a daily basis. It give variety to my reading life.

My revised reading categories are as follows:

Classic: The Aenid by Virgil. Everyone says that this book is even better than Homer’s two classics. My reaction is one of confusion. I am on Book 3 of this Great Book and I still am not too sure of what is going on. I have had to re-read all three Books in order to clear some of the confusion. I didn’t have to do this with Homer. Just sayin’

Spiritual/Memoir–Booked by Karen Swallow Prior. Excellent book about books.

Content (science, history geography, etc.)–The Grand Tour: Around the World with the Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie, edited by Mathew Prichard.

Pre-reading for Emma–Graceful by Emily Freeman

Fiction– I was starting to read Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner but my days are full, crazy, busy and I need something that I can just fall into. I cannot handle reading a book that I have to work at and Stegner’s book is one that requires me to work. So now I think I will start Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead and see if I can fall into this one.

That is only one less category than I was reading before but it seems a whole lot less. Funny how the mind can fool you.

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