What I Have Learned in October

This has been a full month. A month chock full of learning moments.

What I Have Learned This Month

1) If you make caramel apples the way they tell you to, the caramel will just all slide off the apple and lay as a puddle on the cookie sheet. For some children, caramel puddles are delectable but, for others, it is too much caramel and, really, the object of this activity was to make caramel APPLES, not caramel puddles.

2) Pinterest is a major time-sucker but it is a fun and beneficial time-sucker. I am using it to discover some fun ideas for our days.

3) Wallace Stegner is a beautiful writer. His writing reminds me of Wendell Berry.

4) Slipping in moments of wonder and fun is all that is needed to lighten up a day of high school learning.

5) Carrie Underwood is a Christian. Not that that matters in the big scheme of life (well, I guess it does matter in the big scheme of her life, but not mine) but I came upon this fact when I first heard her new single, Something About the Water. That is the most beautiful song I have heard in a long, long time. I cry every time I listen to it. I play it on repeat every time we are in the truck. I have trained the kids not to comment. They know that once we hit the highway we can listen to other songs. You just have to be quiet and let mom cry along to this song on the gravel road.

6) Being a parent of a child who has her learner’s permit is stressful. Very stressful ideed. That is all that I am saying on this subject.

7) Reading To Kill A Mockingbird is even more enjoyable the second time around. I don’t remember laughing out loud the first time as I have been guilty of doing this time. I just love Scout. she is a girl after my own heart.

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