Oh Blissful Day!

We stayed home today, all day, didn’t go out in the car, didn’t go outside, just stayed home all the live long day.

And it was delightful!

Even the part where I attempted to teach a child how to write an outline from a science encyclopedia(these sorts of things do not happen in one fell swoop, this will take time and patience–so much patience.)

And when I went over the various figures ospeech that we had learned over the past few months to realize that not one of them has been retained by any of my children.

Nothing could get me down today because WE WERE ABLE TO STAY HOME!

It’s all good.

We started reading Watership Down by Richard Adams as a family read aloud. We haven’t had a family read aloud in a long, long time. I have read out loud to the two youngers and have read to each child individually but I haven’t done a family read aloud since the summer. Watership Down is one of our favourite books so we are excited to be back with the bunnies.

It was all a blissful way to start the week. Yes, even the science outline.

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