Cooler Mornings

When I was younger summers were my favourite season. I loved the heat and the freedom that summer offered (in clothes and activities.) Then I became married and moved to a farm. Summer became a season of work and it was my favourite season no more.

Winter now is the time where I get the warm fuzzies in my memories. I love winter now because that means comfort food (soups, breads,) warm sweaters, cozy blankies, hot chocolate and, most importantly, time to read and just be.

Autumn this year has been warmer than usual. It is only now that the cooler weather has descended upon us. I just started wearing my fall coat this week and have put away my sandals. Soup has been added to the lunch time menu just recently. Ahhhh, winter is a-coming.

Another sign of winter came upon us yesterday morning. We gathered together in the living room to have our Morning Time, complete with French toast waffles. I began our bible readings then we turned to our time of playing a game. Morning Time has changed quite radically for us this year (hopefully I will be able to share that in another post soon) so our time together is very short. We are reading Watership Down together now so we decided to read a bit of that before we went off to our time of learning.

We are at the part where Hazel and his troop of bunnies have crossed the river and are attempting to find shelter. We read about the bossiness of Bigwig, the strange visions of Fiver and of Hazel’s perfect examples of leadership. There is quiet, save my voice. No one is tossling around action figures or drawing on their sketch pads, rather they are all laying down on floors and couches just listening to the sound of my voice and the words that it throws out into the room. They are taking in the story.

We have read for about 25 minutes and then I throw caution to the wind.

It is a gloomy, chilly morning, the sun just does not want to make an appearance this morning. A day to stay under the blankies, a perfect day to just read. So I bravely suggest that we just read for the morning. The kids sit up, eyes wide. We haven’t done that in quite awhile. This is a treat. We add on to the treat by making hot chocolate and other yummy hot drinks and then we snuggle in and continue our story.

I have to take a few breaks because my voice is not used to the extended times of reading. For the most part, though, we read all morning. I remember when this used to be the norm, now it is a treat. The reality of that makes me sad but I am happy that we can still do this once in awhile.

I love the onset of winter and all that comes with it.

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