Reading Categories

I have been limping along in dealing with my reading categories. I want to continue with them but I’m having difficulties in finding time to read them. So I have had to re-think my schedule and how many different categories I read books from. I have also been rethinking Emma’s reading schedule. As it has stood for the last year, I schedule two books for Emma to read for that month. The books vary between science, theology, classics and spiritual growth. I did this to acclimate her to the reading schedule she might encounter in college/university. I realize that she would probably be required to read more and faster but I thought that our schedule would help her get into that groove. What I have been seeing, though, is that Emma is reading those books just fine but she is not necessarily understanding them. In reading Karen Glass’ book, “Consider This,’ I am seeing that in order for Emma to be able to understand these books, we might need to slow things down. What is the point of reading all of these great books if you don’t have a clue as to what you read.

I have decided to go with Ambleside Online’s schedule of reading. They read quite a few books in various subjects but they usually read one in each subject for one term (12 weeks.) So I am taking that schedule for Emma in her extra readings. She will do one book for theology, one for worldview and one for science. These will be read over a three month period. She will also be required though to read a classic each month plus she will have her books for her Great Books study. So there is still a lot of books being read but, hopefully, more will be understood.

For this term she will be reading ‘Immitation of Christ’ by Thomas a Kempis, ‘Six Easy Pieces’ by Richard Feyman and Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis. A Wodehouse book will be her classic for December. She will also be finishing up the Aenid readings that correlates with the first term of Romans Road Media’s DVD course on Roman civilization ( this experience has hammered home to me to never, never, never order a brand new program. It can only end up in frustration.)

I would like to say here what a surprise the Imitation of Christ was to me. It is a delightful read! When I first saw that this was on AO’s booklist for Yr. 10 my thinking went along the lines of “Ugh, a boring book that was written in the 1400s. I’ll be lucky if I can understand half of it.” How wrong I was! This is an easy read and a wonderful addition to all that I have been reading lately about wisdom, virtue and humility. I am loving this book.

So my reading categories fall under the same categories that Emma is tackling. I read the same books that Emma is reading. If I can get these books done before her then I can move on and maybe add or change a category. We’ll see if this change will translate into success.

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