Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I love the Christmas and Advent seasons because of the richness of the traditions that accompany them. I also love that my children are appreciating these traditions as well.
Last night, I told the kids to put out their shoes by their bedroom doors. I heard a squeal from Tessa, “OOOhhhh! It’s the day for the new books and the goid coins!” She doesn’t know what the day is called but she knows what it brings.

I have celebrated St. Nicholas Day with the kids since Emma was a toddler. Back then, I filled their shoes with an orange, gold (chocolate coins) and a new Christmas book. The tradition has remained over the years but its contents change from year to year. Due to lack of planning on my part, oranges have been replaced by any piece of fruit I can find in the house. This year the fruit is apple. Whatever works. Also, we have exchanged the Christmas book to just a book. As they get older it becomes harder to find good Christmas books. In years past, I have always tried to give them well-written books. Even this tradition has changed a bit as I threw that rule to the wind and bought them books that I kew they would be excited about. Tessa is receiving a graphic novel based on the movie, Frozen. I know that Caleb will be happy with his ’30 Years of the WWE’ book and Emma will enjoy her modern re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, “While Beauty Slept’ by Elizabeth Blackwell.

This year I have decided to start a new St. Nicholas Day tradition. Along with the book, gold coins and fruit, each chlld will find a Christmas tree decoration placed inside their shoes. They are getting older and it is time to start them on their own Christmas decorations. This year I found Grinch tree decorations. They are so cute!

Today will also see the making of gingerbread houses and watching a brand new (to us) Christmas movie. I think this year we will watch the movie version of The Nutcracker.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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