My Favourite Things of 2014

It’s the end of the year and you know what that means, numerous posts of looking back and ruminating on the good and bad of the year. I don’t want to let you down so here are a few things that have crossed my path recently and have struck my fancy.

Favourite Thing #1–Oh She Glows Tea Shoppe . The owners of this delightful online tea shop are the authors of the Oh She Glows vegan cookbook. This is probably two favourite things in one as I really like the cookbook, too. But getting back to the teas. This is a Canadian based company which is good for me because I don’t have to pay any exchange rates, the shipping rates aren’t outrageous and I get the packages within the week of delivery. On top of all this goodness is that the teas are delicious. They have a very deep, rich flavour. Emma and I are in love with these teas. Our favourites are Carmel Latte, Vanilla Rooibus and Black Maple. Emma likes Apple Crumble, too.

Favourite Thing #2–avocado. I have become a huge fan of avocado. There are so many things you can do with avodados: smoothies, salads and, my most favourite, mushed up avocado on toast. Oh! be still my heart! Drizzle just a smidge of olive oil over the top and you have pure yumminess.

Favourite Thing #3–Consider This by Karen Glass. I do believe that this book will now be my main recommendation when asked about Classical Education. This book cleared much of my CE fog.

Favourite Thing #4–Benedectine Monks I recently read Found by Micha Boyett. It tells of Boyett’s search of a deeper prayer life. She finds her answers in the practises of the Benedictine monks. This book has led me to learn more about this order of monks. I am enjoying this rabbit trail.

Favourite Thing #5–art journaling. I am trying to get myself out of my head more and become more creative. This is an extremely painful process as well as a slow one but I am enjoying the little bit of journaling that I have done. I am hoping to do more in the upcoming year.

Favourite Thing #6–Binge watching. I don’t get to watch TV very often but I have gotten into the nasty/fun habit of buying DVDs of television series and watching them in one fell swoop when the time suits me. I have watched some good shows this way. My favourite right now is House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Both of these actors are so good at being nasty. I love watching them when they are conniving and plotting to get ahead in their political arena. I am also enjoying Orphan Black. I will be starting Season 2 once I finish with House of Cards.

Favourite Thing #8–Slipper Boots (or is it boot slippers? Either way they are snuggly warm.) Emma bought a pair of these while she was shopping with some friends. One look at them and I knew I had to have pair. Mine have fur around the top–they are so cute and warm. I love them!

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