Mornings are my favourite part of the day. I get so much more accomplished in the early hours of the mornings, not only that but it is quiet. Oh, the quiet! I think that is the reason why early mornings resonate so deeply with me; it’s the quiet. I can be alone with my thoughts and not have to break off from what I am doing to answer a question or to find something for someone or…. the list goes on.

Mornings are solely for me. This is when I get the ‘me things’ accomplished. Those ‘me things’ include bible reading, blog writing, and exercising. Those are things that I try to get done before 8:00. I don’t always succeed but on average I am able to accomplish these goals.

During the Christmas holidays, though, my mornings have taken on a deeper meaning for me. This time in quiet has almost been…dare I say it?….sacred. A time for just me and Jesus. A time for healing and for setting foundations. I have so enjoyed my morning time this past few weeks.

My body is fine tuned for waking up early after all of these years of doing so. I wake up on my own at 6:30. That is sleeping in for me. I get my mountainous glass of water and then peruse my emails and any other online jobs that need to be done. I, then, turn to God’s word. I have been reading and praying through the Psalms lately and have found it to be soothing, not only as a way to learn about me but, more importantly, to learn about the character of God. I am journaling my way through the chapters. Journaling has always been very difficult for me. It has always been a replaying of all of the negative aspects of my day and life. That hasn’t been helpful. So this time around I am only journaling things that are beautiful, grateful-worthy, helpful. I would always be lucky to journal for a week but this time around, I am entering my third week. That is a big step for me.

I am also journaling through Micha Boyett’s book, Found. This book has resonated deeply with me and I want to keep her thoughts and discoveries with me throughout the oncoming year. So I am going through the book again and writing down any little nugget that twigs at my heart and mind.

Now comes the fun part. After my reading and being in my head, I bundle up and head outside to play. I take my camera and the dog so I can play with art. I am loving this time to learn how to take pictures. Pictures that speak to my soul, that soothe my soul. This has been so much fun for me. The semi dark, the time of day when the earth is starting to wake up is my favourite time of day. I love capturing this with pictures. I don’t go too far past the yard as this is also prime time for coyotes (and possibly wolves. My beloved saw a wolf a few weeks ago close to our farm so I now have them on my wildlife radar) but there is much to find just within our boundaries.

I don’t stay outside for too long as it is mighty chilly at this time of day but I always get some nice shots. I come inside to another hour of reading. This time it is reading for pleasure. I am usually able to read for an hour as the kids haven’t been getting up during the holidays until 10:00. I have one more week of these relaxing, slow-going mornings and then I will have to shorten things down. I will go back to rushing through my morning time.

I will miss my holiday mornings.

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