Wednesday with Words–Booked

I have finally finished Booked by Karen Swallow Prior. This is a non-fiction book about how classics have affected her life. I love these kind of books but this one is one of my favourites. Prior is an exceptional writer.

Here is an excerpt from a chapter on John Donne and his poetry. Prior is talking about the everydayness of marriage.

” Yet, those external moments are wrung out through the nitty-gritty of everyday physical intimacies; feeling the heat of another’s body next to mine in the bed, drinking from the same bathroom cup, smelling the scent of him on his clothes when I launder them, scooping the tangle of our hair out of the shower drain with bare fingers, tasting the secret seasoning of the food he prepares for me, pulling a splinter from the rough skin of his hand, rolling pennies when it’s all we have to buy gas with, hearing his guitar from the next room while I write, watering the holly tree planted in the hole he dug in the yard, feeling him shake in laughter next to me, pouring ginger ale over ice for him when he’s sick, chasing the tide together with bare feet on wet sand, hearing the tires of his truck on the stones every evening, sharing the same breeze as we sit in the evening on the front porch…” (pg. 186)

That says it all.

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