A New Plan

The school year resumes today. Usually, at this point in previous years, I am coming from a great first half of the year. The first part of the school year has usually gone hummingly along and then after Christmas, everything falls apart. That is how it usually happens. This year, though, well, it’s been a bit topsy turvy. I am coming into this new year with a sackfull of anxiety and fear. The previous three months have not been good ones, educationally speaking. We haven’t accomplished much so far. The bright side is that it can’t get any worse than it already is…. can it?

I have been listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading books, trying to get my flow back. I do not want to get sucked back in to worrying about credits and transcipts. Yes, I do have to think about it but I do not have to be obsessed about it.

So this is where the new plan comes in.

I have decided that each month I will focus our morning times on various elements of the beautiful, true and good.

So for January, my plan looks like this:

Reading: The Inferno by Dante (Emma’s reading), Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (reading for Caleb and Tessa)

Reciting: haven’t decided that yet. I would like to read The Idylls of a King but I don’t know if I will have them recite bits of it or not.

Putting Wonder into our day–painting pictures in the snow with KoolAid, make bird seed ornaments for the birds, paint a snow scene with salt paint

Beautiful–picture study of George Seurat paintings, introducing opera with Verdi’s Il Trovatore

True–contemplating the idea of ‘you are what you behold.’

Good–reading the essay from the Imaginative Conservative “What is This Thing Called Virtue?”

Of course we will do the regulars of math, writing, science, history and literature but these plans just add a bit to the everyday. Hopefully they will add a bit of wonder and contemplation. At least that is the plan.

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