A January Daybook

It has been quite awhile since I have done a Daybook so this will be a nice way to start the new year–returning to an old habit.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW–How do I even describe the beauty that is mine to see every morning? Right now the sky is various shade of blue, lessening off to the horizon where there is a thin ribbon of pink and orange. For me, sunrises always represent hope. Such beauty!

I AM THANKFUL FOR–Heat! It is 30 degrees below zero (Celsius) this morning. The furnace, though, is troubling me as it is working over time this morning. There is a rumbling sound that periodically emanates from its deep dark abyss and that rumbling is causing me some concern. Why can’t furnaces calve out in the summer? Why do they always break down during a sold snap? I realize the lack of logic in that last sentence but I am still standing by it.

I AM THINKING–about healing. Healing in our school. Healing of my body. Healing of my soul. Healing of relationships. So much healing needs to take place this year and I am hopeful that it will happen.

FROM THE KITCHEN–lots and lots of smoothies! With the entrance of my new Nutri Ninja, the smoothie world is my oyster. I love that the Ninja has a regular blender bowl so I can make smoothies for the entire family and it has two single serve cups so that I can make smoothies just for me when I am in the mood. (Insert geekie squeal here.) I am learning what combinations of fruits/veggies go together. Yesterday I made a pineapple/apple/banana/spinach smoothie to go along with my avocado toast. Oh, pure heaven! That was so yummy! I could go on and on about smoothies and my Nutri-Ninja but I will sit down now and be quiet.

I AM CREATING–new school plans that will reflect my recent reading on Schole and teaching from rest.

I AM WORKING ON–decluttering this house. It so desperately needs it. I went down to the dark abyss of the basement (I usually don’t ever go down there because it makes my heart sad to see the out-of-control mess that lives down there) on the weekend and cleaned out one corner of the family room. I threw things out and vacuumed. It looks quite nice. I now go down there and look longingly at that immaculately clean and oh-so-small corner of the room and think about what it would be like if the rest of the room looked like this.

I AM HOPING–that I can break away from my public school mindset so that we may have a restful, peaceful second semester of school.

I AM PONDERING–on how the Benedictine Monks praised and worshiped the Lord and hoping to replicate some of that goodness into my own praise and worship time.

I AM READING–okay, yet again I am attempting to keep up with Emma’s school reading as well as nurture my own reading life with books that fill my soul. Hard goal to keep up. Currently I am reading Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis–excellent book. This is definitely a book to which I will return, The Inferno by Dante–another one that I am fully enjoying, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen–I am not a huge Austen fan so I am stumbling with this one, Leisure: The Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper–the title sounds a bit stuffy but, surprisingly, it’s not that hard to read, and, finally, for my own enjoyment I am reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I tried to read this a few years ago but didn’t get to far. I have heard some recent chatter about it and have decided to give it another try.

I AM WATCHING–Downton Abbey! It’s back for it’s fifth season. It is full with empathy for Edith and intense dislike of Thomas as he tries to bully those around him. The girls and I are enjoying this season even though it has just started.

PLANS FOR THE WEEK: It’s a simple week here on the Prairie. We have plans to go see the last installment of The Hobbit along with the usual of youth group, bible study, gymnastics and a healthy sprinkling of skating. It’s a good looking week.

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