Wednesday with Words–Found by Micha Boyett

I do believe Found by Micha Boyett was my favourite non-fiction book of 2014. Her words and ideas gave me much food for thought. Boyett searches for a more meaningful prayer life and she finds some answers through the practises of the Benedictine monks. As a result of reading Found, I have set off on a rabbit hole of learning about the Benedictine Monks and their practises. I am excited to be on this reading journey. This book has been a comforting start to 2015 for me as I attempt to put healing into this year.

Here are some of her thoughts on stability:

“Stability isn’t something you do. God is the giver of faithfulness and consistency. God is stable. (pg. 123)

“Stability leads to wholeness. Stability is found in the everyday. Stability enables me to outlast the dark, cold places of life until the thaw comes and I can see new life in this uninhabitable place again. But for this to happen, I must learn to wait through the winter.” (pg. 125)

“To pursue stability, I must first believe that God is stable, that God is offering me a whole world right here in my ordinary existence.” (pg. 125)

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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One Response to Wednesday with Words–Found by Micha Boyett

  1. ladydusk says:

    Oooh. I hadn’t thought of His permanence providing stability. What comfort!

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