What I Am Learning in January

Usually, this is the post where I list the things that I have learned during the month. Well, I haven’t really learned anything this month but I am in the process of learning a few new things so I thought I would list those instead.

1) Playing the piano. I have always wanted to play the piano. It always seems so romantic to my way of thinking to be able to sing while playing the piano. I have always yearned for that. I can sing but the piano part of my dream was never a part of reality. My kids used to take piano lessons (emphasis on ‘used to‘) so I picked up the basics from helping them practice. Then they stopped the lessons and so did mine. This year, though, I have been pondering on how to revive my creative life and playing piano is always at the forefront of any pondering. I had bought the kids piano books in the hopes that they would learn on their own (silly Mama!) so this past month I hauled out the books and have been re-learning the basic basics of piano playing. After a week of the piano revival I can now play Pop Goes the Weasel with left hand accompaniment. Yay for me! I practise two times a day and I am enjoying this time immensely.

2) Doodling. Who knew that doodling could be considered an art form? But it is. You can find oodles and oodles of resources and supplies to make your doodles into a creative hobby. I have been fascinated by art journaling for the past few months. I have tried my hand at it and it has now evolved into doodling. I have to say that this does not come naturally to me. I am not a free–stroke doodler. I can’t just wield a pen and then go over the paper with a swipe and a flourish. When I doodle it is done with painstaking awareness of what strokes will be used with what color Sharpie. I know that this art form should be carried out in a more carefree fashion but, for now, that is not how I am able to carry it out. It is my hope that with more time to doodle carefree will become my middle name. I have also just found out about Zentangling. Oh, be still my doodling heart. That is ‘take my breath away’ beautiful. I have found a few Zentangle books and supplies that I am hoping to purchase in February so that Tessa and I can Zentangle to our hearts content.

3) Photography. I was given a camera for Christmas, while it was not exactly the kind of camera I wanted (those are way too expensive for us right now,) it will do very nicely for now. I have been learning how to take beautiful pictures, pictures that speak to my soul and it has been very fun. Once I have become more comfortable in taking these kinds of pictures then I have to figure out what to do with the pictures once they are taken. For now, though, I am having fun in clicking through my experiences.

This past month has been great fun in learning how to tap into my creative side. Creativity is the path to healing–that is also what I have learned this month.

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