January Reads

I got off to a great reading start this month. I have read 9 books this month. That is a good number for me. What is even better is that most of these books were great reads. I don’t think I had a total dud this month. Although I did ditch HOME by Marilynne Robinson, it wasn’t because it was a bad book but, rather, I just wasn’t in the right mood to read it. Sometimes you just need to be in the right mood to read a certain book. Robinsons’s book require the right mood. I will return to it at some point in the year.

BURIAL RITES by Hannah Kent. This was a beautifully written story about a woman accused of murdering her employer. It was set in Iceland in, I believe the 1800s.

THE LOST HUSBAND by Katherine Center. This is chick lit. I didn’t know that when I ordered it. In fact, I didn’t know it until I started reading my way into it. It was okay but it will not go on my best read list for this year.

LEISURE: THE BASIS OF CULTURE by Josef Pieper. I had heard myriads of things about this book over the years and I finally took the time to read it myself. It didn’t say anything that I hadn’t heard before but I am glad that I read it. For someone that hadn’t heard about the book this is a great philosophical book about education.

THE AGE OF MIRACLES by Karen Thompson Walker. This is an excellent book. It is a twist on dystopian. Instead of being set in the future, it is set in present time but the twist is that time is slowing down. The slowing is the cause of much mayhem and distress. I quite enjoyed reading it and I am not a dystopian lover.

THE ANATOMY OF A DISAPPEARANCE by Hisham Matar. I loved this book. I loved the writing. I loved the story. I loved how a calamitous (is that even a word? It is now) choice changed the whole trajectory of the story. Rather than romanticizing that choice, the author showed that choices whether good or bad have consequences.

BREATHING ROOM by Leeana Tankersley. A Christian non-fiction that has made its way to my list of life-changing books. This book has caused me to re-think some things and it has given me some ideas on how to create some breathing room in this crazy busy life of mine. Tankersley is a beautiful writer.

THE INFERNO by Dante. I finished the first book of the DIVINE COMEDY. I considered not listing this until I had read the other two books but I decided that finishing this first part of the Comedy was a huge accomplishment and I needed to get recognition for completing each and every one of these books. I am surprised at how much I enjoyed (I’m not sure if that is the proper word to use about a book about Hell) this book. The first three lines of the book have made their way into my commonplace book because they will stay with me forever.

IMITATION OF CHRIST by Thomas a Kempis. Excellent book. This is a must-read book for every year I do believe.

THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD by Laura McHugh. This started out as a good book but slowly went downhill. The story was told by a myriad of characters plus two of the characters told their story in the first person which I found to be quite strange. The ending also was a bit strange.

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