A February Daybook

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW– is all wrapped up in a haze. The trees are dusted fully with yesterday’s snow and there is a misty effect all over. If I didn’t have to drive in this, it would be downright pretty.

I AM THINKING–about the 21 Christians who gave their lives on a beach. How a beautiful place could be a back drop for such horror

I AM THANKFUL–for a God who continually forgives when I fall short–which is quite often.

IN THE KITCHEN–I have radically changed our eating habits to cut out sugar, dairy and gluten for a month. I am loosely following the Whole 30 so I am learning how to do amazing things with sweet potatoes and squash. Roasted squash? Oh my goodness! It is so good!

I AM PONDERING–on how to cultivate wisdom and virtue in my children, how to nourish their souls with all things beautiful, true and good.

I AM LEARNING–how to read words by C.S.Lewis. Lewis’s words take time to settle in one’s brain.

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO–a week off this week. I need to reposition myself as teacher and nourisher.

I AM READING–a few things. The Great Divorce by C.S.Lewis, An Experiment in Criticism by C.S.Lewis, and Delicious by Ruth Reichl (what a contrast between this book and the first two.)

I AM WATCHING– Captain Philips starring Tom Hanks. This is the second time that we have watched the movie but each time I have been moved to tears when Captain Philips was rescued. An excellent movie

I AM LISTENING TO–conference talks at Circe Institute. I am currently listening to conference talks from Rockford, Ill with Cindy Rollins, David Hicks, Debbie Harris and Andrew Kern. I have listened twice to Andrew Kern’s talk on ‘What is Wisdom.’ All I can say to that is ‘WOW!’ There were many points to take away from that talk.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS–is to watch my kids skate on the slough (is that how you spell that word? Or is it slew? I like the looks of the first word) by our house. I like watching them zip and bound as fast as lightening across the ice. I am amazed that two years ago they could not skate at all and now, well, they can skate fairly well.

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