Break Week

This week was our week off. It came at a very good time. I had great intentions to do some decluttering and, as with all great intentions, it isn’t happening.

I am having way too much fun to do something boring like decluttering. I keep telling myself that this is not a good attitude to have, I am not being a good role model for my kids.

but I am having So MUCH fun.

We have been skating, making deer sausage (okay, I wasn’t actually a part of that but the kids were and they did have fun doing it, watching Princess Bride, practising the piano (yes, I consider that to be fun,) reading inspiring words from Jack and zentangling.

What? You don’t know what zentangling is? Well, it is a fancy styling of doodling. You make designs on a small square of paper. The creative possibilities are endless. Oh! This is so much fun. I have finally found my true artist buried deep, deep down inside through zentangling. After years of thinking that creativity was not a part of my genetic makeup, I have discovered that I am fairly good at zentangling. What’s more is that zentangling can be a relationship builder. The girls and I have spent much time together this week working out our creative energy through the art form of the zentangle.

The week is drawing to a close and school is inching closer. I have had to forsake some reading time in order to think about our plans for next week. I have decided to forgo Dante’s Paradise (what kind of mother makes her kid go through hell and purgatory and then stops at the door of heaven? ) because I am running out of school time. I might have her read Paradise on her own without discussion with me but we are going to move on to Le Morte D’Arthur. I have started researching and reading it and am excited to move on to a new book. The themes in this book are fantastic and beg for discussion. I usually use SparkNotes or LitCharts for background help on my books but last night I re-discovered Shmoop. What a fabulous site! For each theme they offer questions for discussion or for writing, analysis is broken down into protagonists, antagonists, foils, etc. This is what I have been looking for for a long time. This makes my job so much easier.

I have to think some more on how next week is all going to play out because I am seeing some misguided habits sprouting up and they need to be nipped in the bud so next week will not just be school work but also about pruning some nasty habits.

But for now I am still in fun mode. Break out the pens and lets zentangle!

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