I have been thinking a great deal lately about what I want for this space. I have been blogging for almost 9 years now. Much has changed with blogging and in my life. It was much easier to blog when the kids were younger as there were a myriad of things to talk about: living math, what exactly is classical education, the various educational philosophies, the newest read aloud, the lastest craft being attempted, the list went on and on. But I am all talked out about some of those subjects and with the others, well, I have difficulty blogging about Algebra2. It’s harder to blog about homesschooling when your kids are in high school.

I have always been an honest, transparent blogger but I haven’t been able to be that in the recent past due to life’s happenings and with having older children who value their privacy. I am not able to blog about what is happening in my life right now and that seems dishonest. It feels weird to be blogging about superficial things when there are more important issues burning up behind the scenes.

I have not fooled myself into thinking that I am a great writer but the act of writing has filled me up. I enjoy the act of writing. I want to explore that more in the future so instead of blogging I think I will explore the act of writing a longer piece. I don’t know what I will do with that piece, probably nothing, just keep it on the back shelf to pull out when moments get too heavy but I will be working on my art. For this year, working on my art is integral to my emotional sanity.

For now, I am taking a blogging break. I’m not sure for how long maybe a week, a month, who knows?

I need to get my thoughts about this space in order and I am afraid that will take awhile to happen.

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