It is Easter weekend but we are playing it very quietly this year. I think this is the first year that we haven’t dyed eggs or have had an easter egg hunt. We didn’t prepare for Lent this year, either. I don’t know why we didn’t do these things, we just didn’t. No one asked and I didn’t offer. Simple.

We will be sharing Easter supper with family tonight and then we will be having our own Easter supper tomorrow night. The turkey is ready and waiting in the freezer, the turnip is in the fridge(to my way of thinking you cannot have a holiday dinner without turnip, it just isn’t right) and the fixings for the rainbow cake have been bought (a multi-layer cake in which each layer is a bright, vivid color, extremely fattening but oh-so-festive); Easter is ready to be celebrated.

I was reading on the Ambleside Online forums that some of the moms were starting a 30 day blogging challenge in where they would blog every day for the month of April. The reason this came up is that a few of the moms felt a bit intimidated in blogging. They didn’t know what to write, how to write so that it was interesting enough so they decided that they would just write, however short, whatever the topic, just to say that they had a post put up for that day. I liked that idea. I have had great difficulty in blogging lately. I am at a loss as to what to post. I keep thinking that anything I would choose to write on has been written many a time before by better writers. I am also of the thought that that anything I would like to write about would not be expressed well as my writing skills are a bit rusty right now. I am reminded, though, that the rusty skills are a result of lack of writing. If I wrote more often then maybe my writing would improve. So I am going to attempt to write a post every day of the week (except Sundays) for the month of April. Did you see the word ‘attempt’ in that last line? That word is my fall back. I will try to post every day but that word ‘attempt’ gives me grace in case life happens and I miss a day…or two.

My C.S.Lewis reading: I am in the middle of Pilgrim’s Regress and it is a slow go. I am enjoying it with my commonplace book faithfully at my side but it is not a book that begs you to read more than a few pages at a time. A small amount ingested is all that one can handle at a time, at least that is my experience. I am also reading The Romantic Rationalist edited by John Piper. This is a small collection of essays written by a variety of writers (Douglas Wilson, Philip Ryken) about the various aspects of Lewis’s faith and writings. I am only on the first essay but it is very good so far.

What We Are Watching: We watched The Imitation Game a few days ago. We didn’t finish it because life beckoned. This is a film that demands a singular attention. Multi-tasking doesn’t work with this movie so I am hoping to watch it again this weekend to pick up the parts that escaped my attention the first time. What bits I do remember and understand lodge this movie into the category ‘very good.’

Links that caught my eye: A Guide to Homeschooling Methods: Pam has given us a short but thorough write up of the various homeschool methods complete with links to websites and blogs that exemplify these methods.

Here We Are Again–a beautiful post about the arrival of author Sarah Bessey’s fourth child.

May you have a blessed Easter weekend.

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