Wednesdays and Long Drives

Wednesdays are days that Tessa and I have grown to dislike–intensely dislike, in fact. The reason for this intense dislike of the middle day of the week is that that is always the day when we go on a road trip that takes 6 1/2 hours to complete–5 of which are in the car. This asphalt voyage was not always looked on with disdain, but after taking on this journey every week for the past 5 months our reaction to it has dwindled down to ‘UH!’ That is really the only thing to say at this point.

The drive itself isn’t too bad with the exception of two roads that are dangerous to drive on. One of those roads even has a ‘Danger: Hazardous Road’ sign on it. The pot holes were my first clue. I have become a wizard on that road, though. I am getting pretty good at zigzagging in and around those blasted potholes. Some of them,though, sneak up on you and, oh, that sickening sound when the tire plunges down and then up–I hate that sound.

There were a few bright spots to this weekly endeavor, though: 1) Tessa is improving with her reading (And the crowd goes wild!) and 2) I am listening to a lot of great podcasts.

Yesterday, I listened to two new podcasts from the Circe Institute. These podcasts were soul edifying for me. The first one was with Dr. Louis Markos, an author of many books about C.S.Lewis. This podcast was excellent. This is one that needs to be re-listened to a few times, though.

The second podcast was with Rod Dreher of The American Conservative. Mr. Dreher has a new book coming out next week entitled “How Dante Saved My Life.” Mr. Dreher was talking about how difficult his relationship was with his dad and how reading Dante lifted him up out of a pit of depression. Through Dante, he realized that both his dad and himself was stuck in how they related to each other. He couldn’t do anything about his dad but he could unstick himself. He had the ability to change how he reacted in this relationship. That was powerful for me.

The icing on this trip was when we arrived home and found that Emma had made us supper–and it wasn’t macaroni! She made homemade chicken nuggets (oh! they were so yummy!) rice and steamed broccoli. She also made dessert: oreo-like cookies. They, too, were yummy but we both decided that they are something you make once a millennium. Oh my word! They were so rich!

Even though we battled those potholes yet again yesterday, the words of wisdom and yummy food that were part of our day made the battle worthwhile.

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