This’n’That–April 11

So comes the end of our long-awaited Sabbath Week. It was a nice, calm week. I was able to get some reading done. I cleaned up my bedroom a bit, enough to notice the changes and we enjoyed the spring weather. The week started out with reminiscences of winter but by Wednesday Spring was firmly planted. We have been taking lots of walks, listening to the frogs croaking in the sloughs and observing the scum in ditches ( a favorite spring activity.) We also saw our first butterfly of the season. Our spirits perked up after that sighting.

Reading: I am continuing on with my C.S.Lewis reading as well as An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor and I finished House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz–it is a modern take of Sherlock Homes. It was a very good book but there was some ickiness at the end of the book. Why do authors do that? They spread slime on a perfectly good story. That story stood very well on its own, it did not need that ickiness. I will soon be starting Before I Go by Colleen Oakely.

Watching: I watched Before I Go to Sleep this week. It stars Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. The movie is based on the book of the same name. I read the book a few years ago so I can’t remember if it was true to the book or not but I didn’t mind the movie. That is code for it wasn’t that great and it wasn’t that bad. We also watched The Imitation Game yet again. I liked it even more the second time around. I could watch it a third time. I never watch movies more than once so this is saying a lot about this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch was so good in this. I could just stare at him throughout the entire movie–not because I think he is handsome (I don’t) but, rather, because he is such a good actor.

Big news here on the prairie: We bought new bikes for the kids. After a lifetime of only buying bikes at auction sales or receiving them used from kind friends, my kids have finally received brand spanking new bikes. Tessa is oh-so-excited. we bought them Thursday night and she had such a hard time in going to sleep because she could hardly wait to ride it the next morning. Her excitement is contagious. I couldn’t wait for the next morning either.

Links: An article on the movie Cinderella and how Christians always have to pick movies apart looking for a secret meaning.

Dr. Louis Markos has written a new book on C.S.Lewis and the Circe Institute has posted a few excerpts from the book. This one on reading was quite good.

Afterthoughts always has good posts but this one was one I especially needed to read. It is about keeping your focus on the path ahead of you and not being swayed by the shiny lights and loud whistles of other curriculum.

Another podcast has gone up this week at The Read Aloud Revival. This week’s guest is Julie Bogart from Bravewriter. Julie and Sarah talk about reading aloud with teens.

I have been very good so far about posting every day during this month but school resumes next week so my faithful blogging might be sidelined a bit. I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging every day. It has been good for my creative being.

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