God, the Writer

My year in reading C.S.Lewis has been a joy for me, a time of healing, a time of pondering. I am currently reading a compilation of essays about Lewis’s theology written by a variety of Christian men. The Romantic Rationalist is edited by John Piper and David Mathis. Douglas Wilson is one of the contributing writers. I am not a big Douglas Wilson fan but I have never read that much written by him. I have to say that I enjoyed this essay. I’m not sure if this essay is representative of his writing style on average but I liked how he wrote this contribution. His words have given me cause to slow down and think.

‘Writing a story involves high theology and the good ones involve the kind of high theology we have been dealing with here. It may not seem like that but there are many theological assumptions that have to go into a rollicking good yarn. Great writers will have reflected on the reality of this and great Christian writers tie these reflections in with what God has revealed to us about the story he is telling.

How could we not be storytellers? We worship God the writer, God the written and God the reader. How could we not create? We are created in God’s image and he creates. He created us so that we would do this. Pg. 75

2015 has been my year to muse and ponder on healing, creating and being in possession of a story formed life; this quote touches on all three ponderings.

Come join us at Wednesdays With Words for more musings on words.

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One Response to God, the Writer

  1. ladydusk says:

    I heard this idea of creating as we are created in God’s image so many times over the weekend, faceted in so many ways. Wonderful.

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