A Day of All Days

Yesterday was a day. It was a day of long drives, a day of catastrophes, a day of chocolate, a day of blunders and a day of weariness.

The mess of yesterday actually began the day before. It began with a visit to the dentist where I was told that Emma will need oral surgery in the fall. If she does not have this surgery then all of the prettiness that the $7,0000 braces bestowed upon her will all be for naught. This surgery means more money plus it means traveling 3 1/2 hours away.

Tuesday was also the day that Emma decided that she would like to go to a private Christian high school for her Grade 12 year (that will be in a year and a half.) A school that is 2 1/2 hours away which means she would have to leave home a year earlier than I had prepared my heart for. I tried to be an objective, go-with-the-flow kind of mom so I said ‘Sure, but we will have to talk this over with your dad first.” I was fairly certain that Dad would say ‘no way!’ and I was fine with this because that made him the bad guy and I would continue to be the ‘go-with-the-flow kind of mom and Emma would still stay at home for the projected amount of time. See, I had all of this figured out so nicely.

Now all of the happenings of Tuesdays seeped into Wednesday because we didn’t tell Dad about all of this until the next morning. Well, he didn’t disappoint about the oral surgery. There was much grumbling about money and….no, it was all about money. I braced myself for another layer of grumbling for when he found out about the private high school. But it never came. I told him what Emma wanted to do and he said “Okay.”


Okay? Didn’t he get the script? He was supposed to grumble and say, “Absolutely not!”

This is when the headache began.

So, with this change of plans I went online and looked more closely at this high school. They say on the site that they require an ‘official high school transcript’ of the previous high school years. My stomach started to knot up a bit to accompany the head ache. The word ‘official’ makes me a bit squirmy.

It was around this time when two blunders cropped up. The authors of these two blunders was one of my children. I can’t write about these because of privacy issues but suffice it to say when these mistakes became known to me I felt sick to my stomach. These two missteps took place a half an hour before I was to take Tessa to her reading therapist. I am trying to curl my hairr, make our lunch and brush my teeth all the while attempting to show the aforesaid child grace and not yell at her. By the time I drove the truck out of the yard, the pain in my head was raging.

The nice part of our day was that I did not get behind any moving farm equipment on the road. That is just the worst. But I didn’t have to deal with that yesterday.

But as I was waiting for Tessa at her appointment, Emma called me to say that the infamous Saskatchewan wind grabbed our trampoline–the trampoline that we just bought 3 weeks ago, the brand new trampoline that cost $300 (do you see that most of the messes of this day revolves around money?)–drug it through the trees, pushed it into the garden and smashed it against the shop. It is wrecked. I just about cried when I went out to look at it when we got home. That was the topper of a very long day.

So what did I do when I got home? I ate the supper that Emma prepared for us (meatballs, basmati rice and chocolate chip bread for dessert) and then barricaded myself in my room and read. Other people’s words and problems made the pain in my head subside. A bit.

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