This’N’That–April 18

This week has been a long and hard one but it has been sprinkled with sunshine and warm weather which makes everything all good. With the exception of the crazy manic wind experienced earlier in the week, the weather has been delightful. We have been going on quite a few bike rides around the block. In Saskatchewan speak that means that we rode down the road, cut through a field, made our way back to the farm through adjacent fields. I got stuck in mud but that is par for the coarse if you bike through a field in the spring. Great fun!

We had a delightful lunch with on older friend of Emma’s this week. It was an interesting meal in the sense that B cannot eat dairy, wheat or sugar. Leaving one or two of these ingredients out is easy but all 3? Well, it was a challenge. Every time I would think of something to make it would get scratched off the list because it would have one of the nasty 3 in it. I finally ended up making meatloaf (it wasn’t until I had it mixed up that I remembered that I put ketchup in and ketchup has…you guessed it…sugar in it. B said a little bit of sugar is okay, though. Whew!) sweet potato fries and greek salad. It was a wonderful meal with great company. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

What We’re Reading–I am reading The Wife of Martin Guerre by Janet Lewis with Emma as part of her school reading list. Surprisingly, we are both enjoying this book! It is set in the 16th century and involves a trial and a missing man. Very good. I am also reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishaguro. It is still too early to lay judgement. For our family read aloud, we are reading Inkspell by a Cornelia Funke. This is a heavy tome of a book and we will probably stay here for awhile.

What I’m watching–I had the night to myself last night; I didn’t know what to do with myself. I practiced the piano, finished my book and watched House of Cards on DVD. The one I watched is the second season and it is starting to get icky. Something happened that I just didn’t see coming and it…well, it was just icky, something that I didn’t need to see. I’m not sure if I will be watching the third season. Why do television people do this? They start out with a fine story and then they have to paint it over with ickiness. I don’t need the icky. I know that it is out there but I don’t need to see it on tv constantly.

Clicking around–Heidi gives an in-depth review of the Honey for a Teen’s Heart. I have already ordered it from the library to see if it will work for me to buy it.

Mystie and Brandy have an excellent video about principles–why they are important and explain 3 favourites. I especially like the ‘exposure breeds taste’ principle. I am hoping that they will do more, I learn quite a bit from these videos.

Plans for the day: Emma starts back up with 4H and Tessa is going to her Nana’s for a cooking lesson. I will be doing some shopping and then reading in the truck (I know this sound incredibly geeky but I do enjoy reading in the truck because there is silence. It’s all about the silence.) Then I will be taking Emma to a sleepover, another sleepover.

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