Differences in Perspective

We have a busy week ahead of us. Emma attends a bible study group and their leader is moving away next year so the kids have decided to lead the group by themselves. The current leader is teaching them how to put together and teach a bible study. This Thursday each teen will teach a mini-study that they have created themselves. This is all good. But Emma went to 4H on the weekend and they were told that they have to give a speech next Saturday. She knew that speeches were in her future but she did not know how soon in the future.

I was a bit ticked that they were only given a week to research, write and practice this speech. I am fairly certain that we were given at least two weeks when we were assigned speeches when I went to school. Emma has never given a speech before so the newness of this situation adds to the tension level not to mention the newness of bible study and the fact that we aren’t going to be home much this week. It adds up to whole lot of tension and stress.

When Emma told me about the speech, I started to get a bit huffy about having the speech on the same week as the bible study but, gradually, reality hit. If my kids were in school most of our weeks would look like this: multiple tests, essays, speeches, etc. all grouped together in the same week. This would be normal for us. I like our normal better. Just sayin’. Our normal lends to peace and calm. I like that kind of normal but it is good that my kids can see what other normal looks like and how to deal with that normal.

So Emma and I have been bouncing ideas around for the study and the speech. I think we have it nailed down. We also have figured out her work schedule for this week to make sure that she gets it all done ahead of time. She has decided to do her Bible study on creativity.

And her speech?

Her speech will be on stress.

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