This’N’That — April 26

We have survived our stressful week. Yay for us! Emma did very well in creating and teaching her bible study lesson. The girl that was presenting another bible study lesson that same night did hers on a similar topic to Emma’s (unbeknownst to either girl) so they meshed together quite well. Emma also gave her 4H speech today. It went very well; I was very proud of her. This was her first experience at public speaking but you wouldn’t have known it. She was fairly calm; the only way you knew that she was nervous was that she talked faster than normal. We are relieved to have this week over.

Seeding started this week. Yet another year of the agrarian cycle of seeding and harvesting. We started yesterday and now it is raining today. That is okay, though, at least we have one day under our belt. Caleb is hoping to be given some experience in working the seeder and the sprayer this year. He is chomping at the bit to have his working time be more substantial than just helping to move augers and load and unload grain. He is itching to get working with the big machines.

Tessa has been expressing her creative side this week with designing and making clothes for her Barbie dolls. She made a beautiful purple print dress for her doll this week. It was a strapless creation with a sweeping train; it was quite cute. I was given instructions last night when I went to town to bring home lots of fabric and thread so that she could continue on with her fashion design.

And what have I been doing this week? Well, I have been making cookies. all. week. It was Caleb’s turn to bring snack for youth group this week. It was a Big Event which meant that both junior and senior youth were going to be there as well as any friends the kids might invite. This also meant that I didn’t have a clue as to how many kids were going to be there so I just made oodles of cookies to save my bacon. I think I made 6 dozen cookies and a batch of brownies. We also brought a container of sour soothers. The candy was all gone but we have a bit of cookies left over. Tessa was relieved about that; she is a cookie-aholic.

What I’m reading — I haven’t been doing much reading lately due to cookie making and helping with speeches and bible studies but I did start a book by my favourite fluff author, Harlan Coben. I am reading his latest, The Stranger. He writes suspense thriller, not great literature but usually they are brainless reads. A mom needs that once in awhile.

What I am Listening to — During our Wednesday ‘when-will-we-ever-get-there road trips, I have been listening to a myriad of podcasts. My latest source has been Kat Lee’s podcasts on her Inspired to Action blog. I have enjoyed Kat’s conversations about personality typing, starting the morning well and whole hearted parenting. Check her out.

What I am making — I made chicken quesadillas yesterday for our first day of seeding. I know that this isn’t new to many of you but it is to us. I made them once when the children were much younger and it did not go over well so I haven’t made then since. I saw a recipe on The Unlikely Homeschool for quesadillas this week and decided to try them again. Well, maturity is a good thing; they loved them, even my beloved fussy farmer loved them. This will definitely be a favourite go-to meal for us now.

Favourite Links — Last week, Jonathan Crombie, known to the world as Gilbert Blythe, died from an aneurism. Jessica, from The Mom Creative, wrote some sweet thoughts on how Gilbert touched her life.

Micha Boyett, author of Found, recently had a baby boy. Please read her birth announcement on her blog. It is truly beautiful.

Lizzie from Strong Haven, writes about starting the morning well. Good post.

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