The Blog Challenge

I have four more days of the blogging challenge in which I attempted to blog every day during the month of April. I use the word ‘attempted’ because I did not succeed in meeting my goal. Due to a full week last week, I think I missed three days of blogging. That’s not too bad. I had a rhythm going that worked well until the craziness of last week; I would start a few posts on the weekend, get Monday’s post just about ready for publishing so that on Monday morning I would just have to do a little bit of editing and then set it out in the world. Later that day, I would work on Tuesday’s post so that I would only have to do some light editing on Tues. morning before I pressed the publish button and this would carry on throughout the week. It worked very well.

I liked blogging every day, it helped shore up my writing muscles, although it was difficult at times to figure out what to write about. Even though I enjoyed the challenge, I don’t think I will be able to continue blogging every day during May, I need to slow down the writing process just a tad. I was able to see, though, that being consistent in writing helped improve my writing and made me less insecure of the content and style of my writing.

As I have written many a time before; I am not a fancy blog writer. I do not do this for a living so there are not beautiful pictures or fancy logos, there are just words. Words are all I have for this space.

And I think for this month of April, I have been successful in my goal.

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