In Which We Read a Book in a Day

I love those days when you come upon a book and you know that you just cannot put it down; you have to read it all the way through. You feel a slight twinge of guilt at the thought of all of the work that will not be completed but the thought of filling your soul with a really good book trumps the previous thought. So you start reading, and reading, and reading. In between the words, tears are shed because this story is just so, so good! Then when you have read the very last page, you sigh a sigh of completeness. You feel all kinds of happy and a twinge of sadness due to those words that made their way into your being.

Again, I just love those kinds of days.

We had that kind of day on Monday.

I read the middle school book, Rain, Reign by Ann Martin to myself Saturday morning. I read it in 4 hours. It was that good. I knew that I had to read it to my kids. I held off until Monday morning and, during Morning Time, we introduced ourselves to Rose, a 12 yr. old girl who has been officially diagnosed with high-functioning autism–Asperger’s Syndrome. We finished the first two chapters and Tessa announced that she would just like to read that book for the day. So we did. We took breaks for lunch and cleaning up but the rest of the time was all for Rose. We finished at 2:30 in the afternoon. I don’t think I am being too dramatic when I say we are all the better for living with Rose for a day. We laughed and we cried with and for her. We love Rose.

Today, as we were driving to town, Tessa pointed to the clock in the truck, “Look, it is 3:45. It is a sequential number but it is not prime.” This is a Rose-ism as she was enamored with prime numbers and other numerical facts.

Then Tessa joined in, “Mom! Mom! That man didn’t use his signal light when he turned. That man is on his phone and he is driving!” Yes, another Rose-ism. Rose was obsessed with rules. Homonyms was another source of obsession. We enjoyed Rose so much. We were very happy that at the end of the story she had someone who loved and appreciated her and all of her (for lack of a better word) quirks.


It’s too bad that those kind of reading days don’t come around too often.

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