A Quiet Day

I had such a lovely day yesterday. The girls were at their friends for the weekend, the boy squirreled himself down in the basement doing whatever boys do in basements and I was able to prepare for this week’s school without any interruptions. No interruptions at all. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I have decided to do something rash and impulsive. In other words, I have decided to do something that is totally in keeping with my personality. I have decided to start Year 8 of the Ambleside Online curriculum with Caleb today. Yep. I told you it was brash and impulsive.

I know that we only have 5 more weeks left of the official school year. Oh, boy, do I ever know it! That is why we are starting Yr.8 now because we only have 5 more weeks left of our year and I don’t feel like we have accomplished much in the past 31 weeks. I have decided to forge our learning ahead into the summer months. I think, seeing the path that Caleb is taking in regards with working on the farm with his dad, that we will have to school year round to give him the time to work in seeding and harvesting. Also, if we school through the summer then I will have more time to help him because it will just be Tessa and him at home. Another reason to start today is that Yr. 8’s history begins right where we are in our history track so it makes sense to just jump in with that year.

Hence, the preparations yesterday.

I am determined to be more organized and prepared in presenting Yr. 8’s history to Caleb. I have a nasty little habit of winging our lessons because I am not fully prepared. This does not go well. So last week I spent much of my time going through the readings that Caleb will be reading this week. Yesterday, I picked out words and people that will need defining and explaining from each reading. I wrote out all of the readings that he will have to complete for this week. Now all that needs to be done is the actual doing it. There is the kicker.

These readings are hard, just plain hard. All the while that I am reading these passages on my own, I am wondering how Caleb is going to manage. This is where I take a deep breath, close my eyes and pray…lots. The readings aren’t too long; on the average, he will be reading 4 pages a week from each book. That isn’t too long so he can re-read the passages if he needs to. That is probably against the Charlotte Mason creed but I am going to let him re-read if the situation begs for it.

So, I am holding my breath and diving in.

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