May Reads

Even though spring is in full gear here as is garden growing, grass cutting and driving children all over the world, I have been still able to get some reading done during this month of May. Here are the titles:

Rain Reign by Ann Martin. The kids and I fell in strong love with this book. Rose is a 10 yr. old girl who lives alone with her dad after her mom left them. They live in a house trailer and life just isn’t always that great until her dad brings home a stray dog which Rose names Rain. She gives the dog that name because he was found in the rain and also because rain is a homonym. Rose likes homonyms, actually she is obsessed with homonyms. This obsession also extends to prime numbers and rules. Rose has Asperger’s Syndrome and is not fully understood. This book is reminiscent of Matilda and Because of Winn Dixie. Excellent book.

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. This children’s book is touted quite a bit in homeschooling circles. I never read it with my two oldest children but I was determined to read it with my youngest before my reading aloud days were distinguished. As it always seems to happen, this book did not live up to its level of ‘touting.’ I did not particularly like this book. I feel like I have just uttered a blasphemy of the highest proportions but I am, if nothing else, truthful: I didn’t like this book. I think this is more of a reflection on my unrefined literary tastes than it is on the writing talents of Miss Goudge.

The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton. A suspense thriller fluff book. It was alright but nothing to right home about. The main character was kidnapped as a child and then found years later. The book is on how she helps other victims of kidnapping.

Born Without Teeth by Kate Mulgrew. A memoir of the actress that focuses mostly on her earlier life and the baby that she gave up for adoption years earlier. Very well written.

The Lie by Helen Dunmore. This book reminded me of Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. This book is set during WW1. I finished it but I didn’t particularly liked it, liked burial Rites much more.

A Presumption of Death by Jill Paton Walsh. Ms. Walsh has resurrected Lord Peter Wimsey from Dorothy Sayers books for this book and a few other recent books authored by Walsh. I quite enjoyed this one and will definitely be reading more by Walsh.

Pilgrim’s Regress by C.S.Lewis. It took me 2 months to work my way through this book. It wasn’t my favourite Lewis book but I did appreciate his thoughts on the various ‘isms’ we deal with in our world.

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay. I do believe this was my favourite read of the month. Foreign kidngappings seem to be the plot of choice of many authors lately but Ms. Gay has done the better job of making the aftermath of such kidnappings real. While visiting her family in Haiti, the main character is kidnapped for ransom. This telling is gritty but written in a ‘take my breath away’ style.

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