This’N’That — June 6

At the risk of extreme redundancy, we have been busy yet again this week. Extended family members have always been worried about the state of my children’s social life, well, if my children were any more social I would have to bend myself in two. Tessa was away all of last weekend at a friend’s and then she left us again in the middle of the week to stay over at another friend’s house to celebrate a birthday.

We are also preparing for Emma’s driver’s licence.


Oh, I just need to scream that again.


She has been practising her driving skills with a friend of mine and now we just need to wait and see.

We are also scrambling around trying to get the paperwork ready for Emma’s time at camp this summer. She is returning to bible camp to be in their leadership-in-training course. She absolutely loved it last year and is so looking forward to her time away with her friends.

Reading — I am reading Station Eleven by Emily st. John Mandel. I am not too sure of which genre to place it in. I have heard it classified as dystopian but, so far, I am not seeing that. I am enjoying the read so far but will have to wait to decide which category it should go in, if any.

Our family read aloud is the sixth Harry Potter book, The Blood of the Half Prince. This is the first read through of this book by Tessa and Caleb. We are all enjoying this one so much. We are reading about 60 pages a day–we read 30 pages in the morning and then another 30 after lunch. We just can’t seem to put this one down.

Listening — I have become a podcast junkie. I don’t have much time to listen to them, though, except on Wednesdays when Tessa and I embark on our weekly road trip to the reading therapist. I look forward to that trip all week in anticipation of all of the fun and sometimes educational podcasts to which I listen. I found a new one last week by Megan Tietz. The podcast is titled, Sorta Awesome Megan. Megan has three co-hosts that take turns in this position and they just talk about what is going on in their lives as well as the awesome things they have come upon during the week. It’s like eavesdropping on a conversation between two friends. I love it!

Now on to the linky finds that I have discovered this week:

Here are two posts about summer and how to handle it when you are homeschooling. Quill and Camera is the source of the first post and Simple Homeschool has a post by Sarah Mackenzie. I think I will talk more about how we will be handling our summer this year in the next few weeks.

I intensely dislike water but I am slowly acclimating myself to flavoured waters. Simple Bites has some ideas on how to branch out into different flavours rather than just the standard lemon water.

Great news! The Circe Institute has just launched a podcast network! Oh, be still my beating heart. There ate two new ones up for this week. Brian Philips hosts one about imitating the life of Alexander the Great and David Kern hosts the second one with a book club discussion about a short story written by Flannery Connor. I have listened to the book club podcast and, while I haven’t read the discussed story, I did enjoy the podcast.

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