Now On To The Evening Routine

I have spent a great deal of time getting my morning routine down to a workable series of activities that pushes my day off to a good start; a routine that includes time with the Lord, exercise and time for reading. Those three things are very important to my soul care so I have, through trial and error, carved out a rhythm that works. I get up at 5:45 (I would like to get up earlier but for the season of life that I find myself in right now, 5: 45 works for now.)

I have spent so much time carving and forming my morning routine that I totally ignored my evening routine. Through some FB posts that I have been reading, I am seeing that the series of things I do before bed is just as important as the activities I carry out first thing in the morning. Maybe even more so. My evening routine sets me up for a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep depends on what I do, what I eat, what I drink, before bed. I never really thought of that before.

So with this train of thought, I set off on molding a bit of time before bed to prepare my body, my mind, my soul for a good night’s sleep.

I now attempt to go to bed around the same time every night: 10:00 p.m. So around 8:30 I have a bath, not a bubble bath as the scent awakens me; I have a simple bath of warm, tepid water. I brush my teeth, cleanse my face and apply night crème. I then go through a little yoga routine that I made up by myself. It consists of stretches and poses. Next, reading. You knew that had to be in there, didn’t you? But I only read my fluff book at this time. Anything heavier will start the brain gearing up again. I want things during this time to settle my body and my mind, so it is fluff. When 10:00 rolls around, I turn out the light. I use this time, the time right before I fall to sleep, to thank and praise God for the happenings of my day. I start thinking of the happenings of my morning with thankfulness and then proceed through my day. By the time I move up to night time I am ready to fall asleep.

I have been doing this routine for a month now and it has seen positive results. The quality of my sleep has improved as has been the length of my sleep time. I have seen, though, that the quality of my sleep is affected by drinking caffeine. That surprised me. I didn’t think that caffeine had any effect on me as I was always able to fall asleep relatively easy after I had ingested caffeine. But it was brought to my attention last week that I may fall asleep but I wake up quite a few times during the night. I am now making a conscious effort not to have caffeine after supper.

I am enjoying my evening routine; it is quite calming. After the last few weeks of chauffeuring children all over the world (okay, slight exaggeration) calming is exactly what I need right now.

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