This’N’That — June 14

I am seriously hoping ;that with the onset of summer will come slower days. This past week has been a blur of activity as we have attempted to get Emma’s application for summer camp ready and to prepare for her 16th birthday! Oh! Be still my beating and aged heart!

The summer camp that Emma has applied to requires a criminal background check so we had to maneuver those waters for the first time. We also had to apply for her Social Insurance Number. I knew that these things had to happen but I kept putting them off and putting them off some more until it could not be put off any longer. I thought these two things were going to be something horrendous and time-absorbing. Both of these things were easy peasy to attain. I called the police station to make sure they were going to be there (we live in a small town so not always is the police station open because they are off catching bad guys,) the lady that I talked to took most of the information to start the paperwork. Then when Emma went there with her dad she just had to pick it up. Easy Peasy!

I thought that there would have to be oodles of paperwork involved in obtaining a SIN number but it just took a few questions and 20 minutes later all three of the kids had their numbers. Again, Easy Peasy!

The best part of all of this hullabaloo is that Emma found out last night that she is accepted into the Leadership-In-Training program for summer camp. Yay!

In other happenings, we went to the beach for the first time this year; after a few months of putting things off (our family is a pro at procrastination) Emma’s car is finally road ready. And it is Emma’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, my girl! She is 16 now and the world has stopped, at least my world has stopped. Wow, 16! It seems only yesterday that she was pushing her ride’em car with her chubby baby legs on the patio, wearing her sun hat and lady bug sunglasses. Now, she is chomping at the bit to get her licence so she can drive her very own big people car.

Before I get too weepy, on to the links:

I have always been a morning routine person but Jessica is one of the people who have pushed the morning routine out in the front of motherhood with her book The Fringe Hours. This post is an add-on to the book.

An offshoot to morning time is Crystal’s post on things that should be part of your daily routine.

As a mom of soon-to-be three teenagers, this article about how to nurture your relationship with your teen resonated strongly with me.

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