Another Morning Time Post

I talk a lot about Morning Time. I think this blog could solely be about Morning Time because I love it’s existence in our home school; it is the anchor to our day. I would be just as happy to have just Morning Time all day long rather than have to deal with math, science and grammar.

Not only do I love to talk/write about Morning Time but the love is equalized for reading blog posts about it. Hence, this particular blog post. I recently read a series of blog posts at Simply Convivial on how Mystie carries out her MT. The best part of that posy was that she had a video of an actual Morning Time with her family.

Watching that video gave me some aha moments.

Aha Moment #1–even though I knew in my head that everyone’s Morning Time is different, it didn’t really sink down to a true understanding. In watching the video, it showed me that there are different strains of MT. Mystie’s is focused mostly on memorization whereas our MT is mostly focused on story.

Aha Moment #2–Even though I love our focus on story, I need to balance it out a bit to include memory.

Aha Moment #3–We have tried to include memorization into our MT but we have continually failed in that department. In watching that video, I realized why we have failed; we didn’t have a system and we didn’t read the poem/scripture together. I would feed each child their line; that doesn’t work, at least not for our family. I think reading it together would work.

Aha Moment #4–I need to get on making memory binders for each child. I am not going to go whole hog on these until I know that they will work for us but I could just add a new poem/scripture verse and the few (very few) poems/ scripture verses that we have already memorized.

So, here is what we are doing for Morning Time at the moment.

We start our Morning Time at 8:00. I wake the kids up (if they are not already awake) at 8:00 and they grab breakfast (I have it made by then) and take it into the living room to start our day. Each child grabs their Bible and reads quietly to themselves the section of scripture that I give to them. After the reading, they write in their journals either a narration or a verse that struck their hearts. We then read from ’50 Women Every Christian Should Know’ and then we move on to the Faerie Queen’. I am trying to read one canto a week but we are not being wholly successful with this feat. Next comes game time. Each child takes turns in picking out a game that they would like to play. Right now the favourite choices are Dutch Blitz and Frozen Uno. The game time breaks up our reading and then we are ready for another reading seesion. These books are broken up into daily readings. On Mon we read Justice by Richard Maybury, Tuesdays are for Shakespeare’s Sonnets, (we don’t have school on Wed.) Thursdays–How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Fridays are for nature study/picture study/whatever I am in the mood for. After that we move on to our read aloud, which right now is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and then we do small writing lesson using Lost Tools for Writing.

Our Morning Time usually takes 2 hours. I know. 2 hours is a long, long time but my kids are all teens (well, they will be in 6 months) and we have been doing this for eight years so they have acclimated themselves to this huge block of time. Two hours does not seem like a hardship for my kids; they are handling it just fine.

I am sure with the onset of the new school year, our structure of MT will change yet again but that is the joy of MT, it is able to mold itself into the ebb and flow of your family rhythm; it is able to change just as your family changes.

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2 Responses to Another Morning Time Post

  1. mystiewinckler says:

    Yes! Every family’s morning time is going to look different and reflect their own family culture and that’s a beautiful, good thing! 🙂 I was hesitant to post a video because I didn’t want to make it seem like our way was What Morning Time Must Be, so I’m glad that’s not what you took from it. 🙂

    If we had kids more concentrated in age and no toddlers, our MT would be nearly 2 hours and we’d do more in it. As it is, I don’t want to make the 2yo & 5yo sit that long, and yet they can’t run off by themselves without me paying attention to what they’re up to either. 🙂 So, short and focused on memory work (and singing!) works for us now.

    Feeding lines never worked for us, either; hence, the binders. 🙂

    • Mystie, your video was quite helpful for me to be able to see how memorization can be done. I have read your posts on memorization before but it helped to actually see it rather than read about it. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

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