Our First Full Week of Summer

Last week was our first full week of summer. We didn’t have school, didn’t have appointments and didn’t have extra-curricular activities. All we had was time to just be. This past week was glorious.

Emma left on Monday for camp. She will be there for the next 6 weeks. I have been texting with her a bit during the week; she has given me a long list of things she would like for me to bring up on Monday when I bring Caleb up for sr. teen week and she has told me that she may have some big news soon to tell me. The kids and I have been guessing ever since as to what this big news is. We are anxiously waiting for Monday so we can hear about this news.

Our activities for the past week has been as follows:

baking cream puffs

reading the last Harry Potter book

watching all of the Harry Potter movies

swimming in the creek

going to the farmer’s market

working in the garden daily to keep on top of the weeds(not too successful on this front)

more baking with Nana (grandma.) This time, a cake was baked.

One of the more enjoyable activities that Tessa and I took part in was the Sketch Tuesdays series from the Harmony Arts blog. Every Tuesday during the summer, Barb posts a painting, gives some painting/sketching tips then encourages her readers to imitate the painting. Last week, Tessa and I took on Joan Miro’s paintings. Such fun! Tessa took to it right away. In fact, while I was reading Harry Potter aloud, she drew variations of Miro’s painting. She has decided that it is time to move on so we will take on a new painting and artist next week.

I am so enjoying the slowness of these summer days.

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