The Happenings of our Summer

We are coming into the last breaths of July and it has, so far, been a wonderful summer–some busyness but even the busyness has been slower than usual. There have been quite a few comings and goings this month, though. Some weeks I only had one child but never seemed to have all three at the same time.

Emma has been away at camp since the end of June but she had to come home this week (much to her chagrin) to have her wisdom teeth out. I think we have spent a year’s worth of university tuition on that girl’s teeth. Hopefully, the big expenses are over. Hopefully. We went to the big city on Monday so they could put her out and take out all four of her wisdom teeth. The procedure went very well. She had very little pain but what she lacked in pain she made up for in swelling and bruising. She does make a cute chipmunk, though. She will be staying home for the rest of the week but she has a friend staying over for a few days to help her recuperate. Then she will go back to camp for two more weeks and then the fun is all over for this year.

Caleb went away to camp for one week of senior teen. I was a bit nervous about this one as Caleb is not a camp kid. He has given it the college try, though, in going three times in the past 6 years, each year hoping that this year would be the year that he would like it. It didn’t work. I saw, though, how camp gave my girls great lasting friendships and I wanted that for Caleb so I made him go to camp this year for senior teen. I know. I felt bad in making him go but sometimes you just need to give a little nudge in hopes that changes might be made. I told him that if camp didn’t click for him again this year that I wouldn’t make him go every again. Well, he had a great time and has told me that he would like to go next year again. Yay!

Tessa went off to art camp last week which was a day camp. She went last year and had such a beautiful time that she was all tied up in giddiness as she was awaiting for her week to come. She had a fantastic week with the combination of art, creating and friends. I have noticed that as Tessa has grown older it is becoming easier for her to make friends. That eases my mama heart quite a bit. This week is now Tessa’s turn for sleep-away camp. She left on Tuesday and will be coming home on Sunday. She has two friends that are there as well but both her and I have been praying that she will find some new friends as well.

And myself? Well, still doing oodles of driving but the driving isn’t as intense as it is during the school year. I have been doing lots of reading, listening to podcasts and Circe conference talks. And I have been planning, planning and more planning for the coming school year. I still have a month before we start back but I am taking my time with all of the organizing. I have made some big changes for the two youngers as far as curriculum and scheduling goes but I will write about that in a later post.

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