I accidentally found them on the ground, skipping along through a damp spot on the driveway. I just about walked through them while my mind was bouncing across my thoughts of the day. I was mentally with some family members who are living through a nightmare right now, I was thinking about what I was going to make for lunch, when I was going to take Emma for her driving practice, what books I was going to put on her booklist for this year’s school plan, who had to get new clothes for a funeral that we are attending next week. In the midst of all of this thinking and remembering, I just about stepped on a group of beautiful, white butterflies.

There were about twenty of these beauties skimming barely above the ground. They looked like a cloud, hovering above the damp gravel. When the butterflies landed on the damp, their wings closed together and they looked green, not white.

I stood there for a few minutes taking in this moment of beauty.

Bits of evil have come close to my family this past week. Our experience has reminded me that we live in a fallen world, complete with humans who make horrible choices. Those choices ripple out to affect many other people, even people who do not have a direct channel to that specific bit of evil. This realization has stopped me in my tracks a few times this past week.

I realized that the only way to counter evil is with beauty, truth and goodness. These butterflies were a showing to me that I was on the right track. I stood there for awhile, thanking God for this smattering of beauty, for showing ne that there is innocence and purity amongst the world as well.

Those white, fluttering butterflies gave me hope.

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One Response to Beautiful

  1. twainausten says:

    When my friend’s 2 girls were killed it was butterflies that someone saw in a dream with the girls running through the meadow together. A sign of hope and beauty.

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