It’s that time of year already. The time to gather all of the pieces and try put them all together to form a puzzle, a puzzle in which the pieces show a recognizable picture. Every year the pieces are different, different scenes, different shapes. My job is to find all of the pieces that will form the picture that I have envisioned. That is the tricky part, sometimes the vision isn’t always displayed in the finished product of the puzzle picture.

I’m not too sure about what my vision is for this school year. Not a good beginning, is it? I have snippets here and there floating around my brain but I am not too sure how they are going to fit together, if they are even going to fit together at all.

Here are my snippets:

I want to stay home more this year. Last year, in falling into the theory that teens need to be involved in everything, we were out of the house just about everyday. It just about killed me. It also made me a grumpy mom. I don’t like being a grumpy mom.

I want to focus on truth, beauty, goodness and wonder this year.

After reading part of The Liberal Arts Tradition by Kevin Clark and Ravi Jain, I want to spend more time on gymnastics (being more in our bodies) and music.

I also want more of an intentional effort towards memorization of scripture, poetry and, possibly, hymns.

Narration needs to be a big part of our learning. I had given up on that art a long time ago but I am seeing that that was a mistake. It is time, at least, for the two youngers to be brought into the narration loop again.

The good news is that most of these snippets can be implemented into our Morning Time. I have to give more time, though, as to how that is all going to play out so that we keep our Morning Time no longer than 2 hours.

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