This Personality Typing Stuff

Is it just me or has there recently been an avalanche of information regarding personality typing. I started reading/hearing a whole swack of information about the Myers Briggs test earlier in the year. Now everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to root all of their talk on that test. But now there is also much talk about Enneagrams and the Strength Finders tests. They are everywhere!

I don’t ascribe much to these tests. Did I actually type those words out? Heresy!

I did take the Myers Briggs in the spring just for the fun of it. I didn’t see where knowing my personality type would help me with living. It did not make any sense to me. It didn’t make any sense to me until earlier this week.

I believe I found this link on Facebook. It links to an article describing the struggles that INFJ’s deal with on a daily basis. I wasn’t too sure if I was an INFP or a INFJ but after reading that article I realized that I had found my people.

At the risk of sounding totally corny, after reading that article, I cried. Yep, real tears, the kind that meander their way down your face (thankfully, I was alone at the time.) After years and years of thinking that my personality type was crazy. After years and years of thinking that I was the only person in the world who acted and thought the way that I did, after years and years of thinking that all of my little idiosyncrasies were actually character flaws and that I needed to work harder to change, I finally saw that there is 1% of the world who is just like me. I know that 1% doesn’t sound like a lot but when you have always thought that you were the only one in the world, 1% makes the crazy pool widen a whole lot.

God did a sweet thing at that moment. He sprinkled a little bit of grace my way in the form of that article. He showed me that all of the craziness of me is not a character flaw, rather He made more people just like me. I wasn’t the only one! Thank you, Jesus, for that sweet sprinkling. Now I can stop trying to change and I can just accept.

I was also shown why we need those blasted personality typing tests; to calm hearts and dole out acceptance.

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2 Responses to This Personality Typing Stuff

  1. ladydusk says:

    Welcome! I typed as an INFP for years and years and I’d read the description and it just wasn’t me. For awhile I thought it must be bunk, but then my husband is an INTJ … you read the definition and laugh because it describes him so closely. Last fall I tested as an INFJ and, like you, it was a revelation: these are my people. It makes so much more sense it’s almost scary (except I would never type myself a J. At all.)

    Anyway, I knew we had a lot in common (despite my artistic failings) … good to know another protector-advocate 🙂

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