This’N’That–August 29

Do you hear that? No? Neither do I. It’s called quiet. I know, I don’t hear it that often, either but when all of your kids have gone camping with their grandparents for 4 days ( Yes, you read that right; 4 DAYS!) and your man is working hard on the field quiet is what you get. I had all of these plans as to what to do in the quiet but now that the quiet is here I’m stymied by all of my choices. What I really want to do is just read and drink Coke. I really, really like that choice. And because I have maxed out my usage of the word ‘really’ I may just do that; read fluff books, educational philosophy books, C.S.Lewis books and drink Coke. A great combo.

Tessa has moved into cake decorating to add to her creative repertoire. We bought a cake decorating kit specifically for buttercream icing to start ourselves out on. In typical prairiegirl fashion, I was tempted to skip all the basic levels and move right on to fondant icing but I stuffed down my usual choice of impulsivity and walked down the path of sensibility. Tessa and Emma both tried out their cake decorating skills on cupcakes. I was surprised at how well they did for their first time. Oh Mom of little faith.

I received my first Amazon order of the fall or the last Amazon order of the summer, however you want to look at it. I got some really good books! I will, hopefully talk about them next week.

Oh, and huge news here! Emma and I finally finished To Kill A Mockingbird! It took us a year– a whole 365 day year–but we finished. Woohoo for us! I am so happy that Emma loved this book as much as I did. I have to say, though, that in keeping with my reading epiphany of last year. reading a book more than once is the way to go because you pick up so much more from subsequent readings than you did on the first one. Multiple readings of one book goes against my impulsive nature but I am seeing fruit in this endeavor. Reading this book with Emma was my second time through with Scout and Atticus and I appreciated Harper Lee’s writing gift so much more this time around. I loved Scout even more this time around, too.

Emma wants to read Of Mice and Men next but Amazon is dragging it’s heels on the order. We won’t get the books until the end of Sept. so we are going to read Gulliver’s Travels first then move on to Steinbeck. I am looking forward to reading this as I have never passed through those pages before. In fact, I have never read a John Steinbeck before. I love new territory.

I only have two links this week but they are good ones so enjoy!

I have been traipsing in and out of podcast heaven all week. I downloaded the podcast app this week and I have been trying out new podcasts all week. I found a gem in Overdue. The premise of this podcast is two men read books that they have had on their shelf for a long time and then they discuss them. The books are classics, children’s books, newer books, books with hype, etc. In other words, they read the full gamut of books that are offered. They have been doing this every week for two years so they have amassed quite a collection of book talk. I listened to the first one last night on Of Mice and Men (what a coincidence!) and I quite enjoyed their conversation. One word of warning, though, these discussions are between two adults so the conversation can be a bit adultish.

What all homeschooling moms should read every year at the beginning of the school year.

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