A New School Year

We have started our 12th year of home educating our children. 12 years! Just give me a moment as I revel in that number. 12! Wow! Who’d a thunk it?

Okay, I’m back. So we started our new school year this year and I think it is unanimous that this week went very well. There were a few bumps throughout the week but I didn’t get bent out of shape over them, I just went along with the flow. That is key here. In the past, I would have stewed and simmered about the time we were missing on school in dealing with the bumps that were popping up. I took it all in stride and just took it as it came. Yay for me!

I think one of the reasons why I am able to take it all in stride is that two of my kids are, for the most part, independent in their learning. This means that I write out all that each child has to do during the week and then I let them figure out when they are going to do their work. If something pops up in the week like a child has driving practice during school hours, well, that’s okay because they can either do their school work at night or on the weekend. As long as the work is done by Sunday 1:00 then I don’t care when it gets done. This has lifted a lot of pressure and stress off of me.

Another thing that has been a positive for our week is Morning Time. It has changed a bit this year. I have added quite a bit to our morning gathering. Our time together on Monday morning lasted 2 1/2 hours and we still didn’t get to all of what I had planned. I have to think things through a bit for next week but I loved the time that we were together. It was an anchor to our day. I look forward to Morning Time every day when I wake up. It is a calming to my day.

I am enjoying the ideas that are popping up in our readings and discussions. Ideas like justice (from Gulliver’s Travels and Whatever Happened to Justice?) providence (from Robinson Crusoe,) and death (from John Donne’s poem, Holy Sonnet X and another reading but the title escapes me at the present.) It has sparked wonder to see these ideas trickle into the happenings of current events. Discussions have been interesting this week.

I don’t think I have ever been this calm during a first week of school. It is a welcome change!

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